Polish industrial AI start-up revenues soar

2021 turned out to be a breakthrough for the Nsflow platform in Wrocław. It achieved a record, over 300-fold increase in revenues compared to the previous year and acquired three large clients: Grupa Azoty, Warbud and Toyota. The platform has also undergone a complete rebranding.

The Wrocław startup Nsflow has existed since 2018. The platform is aimed primarily at industrial companies. It offers solutions to improve training, service work, knowledge flow and remote support of experts – using augmented reality technology. Its clients are mainly Polish companies, but, as Piotr Ziemba from Nsflow emphasizes – in 2022 we are planning intensified activities related to foreign expansion. We are particularly interested in the DACH area and the Scandinavian countries.

Nsflow was founded by Piotr Ziemba, Marcel Kasprzak and Tomasz Kowalczyk, who is also the president of the Wrocław-based NeuroSYS company, dealing with software development and projects in the field of artificial intelligence.

The year 2021 turned out to be a breakthrough for the Nsflow platform. Compared to 2020, the startup recorded an over 300-fold increase in revenues. Certainly, at least partially, this was due to the prolonged pandemic and the growing interest in solutions enabling remote work and facilitating the fulfillment of tasks performed for contractors – also in the face of imposed restrictions. – The most popular features include Nsflow functionalities, such as remote support of experts (instead of their physical presence in the factory), training – also those with machines – using AR, with minimal involvement of instructors, or systems supporting service and repair work – says Ziemba.


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