A Polish start-up wants to revolutionize waste management in Poland

Waste management in Poland is improving every year, but recycling rates are still too low. The reasons for this state of affairs lie not only in education, but also in the design of dumpster shelters and the small number of containers. The problem is solved by a system developed by a Polish start-up.

We approached the issue holistically and we noticed that it often starts at the design stage – there is no room for many bins in the apartments, and the garbage sheds are too small in relation to the needs of residents and the amount of waste they generate. Another difficulty to solve turned out to be user awareness, so we also focused on educating our clients – says Luiza Bortkiewicz, Idealbin.

Nowadays, huge, flap-locked containers dominate in Polish cities. Since garbage is picked up too infrequently, it is often overcrowded and bags land next to it. Irregularly exported and overfilled containers are more likely not only to increase pollution of the area, but also pose a biological hazard.

Idealbin has solved this problem by focusing on information technologies. The bin flap is opened by means of an access card issued to each user, which makes it impossible to throw rubbish at bystanders. The containers contain sensors for filling, as well as an automatic crushing system. When the maximum capacity is reached, the company collecting the waste receives a notification, which allows you to optimize routes.


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