Biocam applies AI to endoscopic capsule

The Polish company is working on improving the endoscopic capsule and increasing the availability of this tool in diagnostics. It will allow you to examine the entire digestive system at once, greater accuracy of the examination and speed up the diagnosis process, because the doctor will be supported by artificial intelligence. The team of BioCam engineers wants to equip the device with solutions that allow remote testing as part of telemedicine. The capsule can replace such unpleasant tests as colonoscopy or gastroscopy.

“Our new solution and new approach is based on the fact that we want to improve this platform even more. Make it a bit cheaper and more affordable, even on the Polish market, so that it can finally be a substitute for tests, gastroscopy or colonoscopy, which are very burdensome for patients” – informs Jakub Niemczuk, technology director at Biocam.

The standard endoscopic capsule is equipped with a microcamera that records the image obtained as it passes through the digestive system. The photos are picked up by the device that the patient carries with him. Then the doctor looks at the recorded images and, on this basis, diagnoses the patient’s condition. The solution developed by Polish engineers is to be more technologically advanced than the devices available on the market today.

“The examination is longer and contains more material than, for example, typical colonoscopy and gastroscopy. The doctor has to look at a lot of material. One of our solutions that we develop is analysis acceleration software. It will show the doctor that he has to focus on these cages, because there may be some lesions there” – explains Jakub Niemczuk.


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