Wroclaw startup develops robot for mixing drinks at bars

A Polish start-up has developed an automatic bar that will replace the bartender in customer service. Poley.me can relieve queues in discos, bars or at mass concerts. The innovation of the Polish autonomous bar is based on the use of artificial intelligence, which can propose a combination of flavors tailored to the customer’s tastes. The Wrocław start-up first wants to conquer the local market and Warsaw, and then plans to expand into European metropolises.

“The bar of the future will look in such a way that bartenders, who are after all a creative profession, will be able to talk to the guest and create creative drinks, and our machine will relieve them of simple, repetitive activities. No bartender has the pleasure of pouring whiskey with cola all evening, our machine will do it for him” – says Kamil Paśko, partner at Poley.me.

He said the interest in the machine is very high. Installing a robot in a bar arouses the curiosity of customers, but also improves the efficiency of the premises. Poley.me is able to prepare 120 cocktails per hour. Automating customer service will help increase the company’s turnover by approx. 10 percent.

The company is planning a wide expansion, starting from its native Wrocław. A few months ago, they tested a robotic bartender there in a bar by the beach on the Oder. The next city on the map of Poley.me’s conquests will be Warsaw, and then European metropolises. The company is thinking of distributing the machine all over the world.


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