New venue to promote women’s brands will be created in Warsaw

Dharma is an event space, cafe and showroom of women’s brands, which is to connect women, support the exchange of experiences and the development of their businesses. Its first headquarters is being built in Warsaw’s Żoliborz, but in three years, as planned, more will appear, both in other districts of the capital and in various Polish cities. On October 6, a crowdfunding campaign for the project was launched. It is the first such fundraiser organized for a simple joint-stock company.

“Dharma is a space created for women to support them on many levels. Due to the fact that, in my opinion, women, and I have experience in working with people, with businesses, need special tools, special attention so that they can develop and effectively do their businesses” – emphasizes Izabela Górska in an interview with the Newseria Biznes agency , the founder of the Dharma.

In the first stage, a physical and event space is to be created, which will enable women to organize various types of workshops and meetings aimed at supporting the participants in their development by exchanging experiences or acquiring new competences. The opening of the first Dharma headquarters – with a club café and a showroom of women’s brands – should take place this fall.

As he emphasizes, the next stages of development will only be possible with the support of investors. A crowdfunding campaign has started available at, under which the initiators of the project invite a wide group of women to cooperate. The project is addressed to all women who create something, e.g. hand-made jewelry, or, for example, do development workshops, organize events.


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