Mabion and Novavax team up on new vaccine

The first series of the key component of the new COVID-19 vaccine – the antigen for Nuvaxovid – was developed in Poland. The Mabion company announced that it has started production provided for in the contract with the American concern Novavax.

“Commercial scale production for Novavax is carried out according to the established schedule. We have started production of the next series, and in the coming weeks we plan to produce more and more series to reach full capacity in the second quarter of 2022. It can be said that on our episode of the “battle front” with the coronavirus we are conducting the operation exemplary” – informed the president of Mabion, Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk.

The Polish company supplies the active ingredient of the vaccine, which is then poured into vials in another plant in Europe. “Everything according to the specifications requested by Novavax. Our partner is responsible for the next stages of the vaccine marketing process” – he added.

The Mabion plant in Konstantynów Łódzki intends to use all available generation capacities for the purposes of the contract with Novavax. “Currently it is one line, but we already have an investment program planned, which includes the addition of a second line” – emphasized Mabion’s management board member for operational and scientific affairs, Dr. Sławomir Jaros.


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