New ETF now available on Warsaw Stock Exchange

The Beta ETF sWIG80TR Polski Fundusz Inwestycyjny Zamknięty has been newly listed today on the GPW Main Market. AgioFunds TFI is the fund’s issuer, Dom Maklerski BOŚ is the offering agent and the market maker, and Beta Securities Poland is the project co-ordinator.

“We see great potential in the ETF segment, and we are pleased that yet another instrument available for passive investing has been introduced to trading. With the new ETF based on the sWIG80TR index, market participants will have the opportunity to invest through a single instrument in 80 companies listed on the Main Market. The sWIG80TR index is well diversified in terms of the industries it represents (43 industries, 9 sectors). The return rate of the index has been 70% in the last five years. We hope that the new ETF will attract strong interest of investors,” said Izabela Olszewska, GPW Management Board Member.

The underlying of the new ETF is the index sWIG80TR which covers smaller companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.


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