Jutro Medical emerges to challenge Polish medical market with software approach.

Jutro has just obtained PLN 27 million from investors and promises to create a network of “clinics of the future”.

The experience of using the state health service is associated with long waiting times for an appointment, queues on the spot and meeting with a doctor who, for 2/3 of the visit, is forced to enter data into a computer system and not focus on the patient. Adam Janczewski and his team want to change that.

Jutro Medical is a POZ (Primary Healthcare) clinic offering telemedicine advice, and currently serves approx 7,000 patients. It offers services under the National Health Fund. At the moment, the clinic can only use services in the field of family medicine, its creators are working on launching pediatrics.

“One day I ended up in the hospital” – begins the story of his latest venture Adam Janczewski, an entrepreneur whose business CV includes, among others creating the SaveMyTime application that facilitates the recording of time spent on individual tasks and the elimination of bad habits.

“Looking at how complicated this system is (health care in Poland), I understood that the only way to change something is to build your clinics, hire doctors and give them software that gives them great power – he adds.

One such clinic is already operating – in Warsaw’s Żoliborz. Janczewski and the team want to have more of them and over time to go beyond the family medicine advice they are focusing on now.


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