New coal mines clash with new anti-coal movement

Polish politicians are talking more and more boldly about abandoning coal, while the investor in a new mine in Mysłowice is not going to give up the project at all. “The concession is still in force and imposes obligations on both parties to implement it”, says Piotr Talarek, adviser to the management board of Brzezinka.

“From the moment the concession was granted by the Minister of Environment and Climate for the extraction of hard coal from the Brzezinka 3 deposit until it becomes final, the company has been carrying out many works as part of the preparation stage for the implementation of the “Brzezinka 3″ investment project” – says Piotr Talarek, advisor to the management board.

“We believe that in 2029, the safest and most modern mining project in Europe will be launched in Mysłowice, which will operate as part of a technology cluster that brings together modern coal processing technologies. Our assumptions are based on the end of production significantly earlier than in 2049” – he adds.


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