New bank launches with new business model: Aion Bank, by subscription

Aion Bank is a digital product launched by Wojciech Sobieraj – the founder and long-time head of Alior Bank. It will operate in a subscription model, similar to Netflix.

In Poland, it will offer its clients three bank account plans, including a free Light account. The package includes, among others savings accounts with interest rates up to 1.5%, foreign investments and payments in currencies without a spread.

In return for one fixed monthly fee, it will offer a package of specific services. Aion offers three plans – Light (PLN 0 per month), Smart (PLN 29.99 per month) and All Inclusive (PLN 49.99 per month). Plan Light is available only on the Polish market. Depending on the selected package, the client will get a wider range of services in the subscription for free. The core will be a mobile application for financial management. Aion boasts that it will be the first in Poland to enable any banking operation using the application.

“Today’s consumer is looking for valuable financial services, not another traditional banking institution. Hence the idea for Aion Bank, which can be used by anyone who wants to have fully digital access to banking from the level of a mobile application on a smartphone. This also applies to people who have a main account with a traditional bank, but are still looking for high-interest savings accounts, a platform for global investments, fast and the most advantageous currency conversions on the market. No unnecessary commissions, limits and restrictions” – explains Karol Sadaj, Country Head of Aion Bank.

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