Mountpark Wrocław: 35,000 sm logistics

The Mountpark Wrocław complex is to be built in the Kąty Wrocławskie commune, a few kilometers from the borders of Wrocław. Thanks to the new investment, at least several hundred people can find work, incl. from the logistics, production and sales industries.

“We have just started the implementation of almost 35,000. sq m of logistics space in the highest standard available on the market – this is the first stage of the park, which will ultimately have an area of 140,000 sq m”, – said Mountpark.

Mountpark Wrocław is a space that will be available for rent to companies wishing to operate near Wrocław. Hence, at the moment it is difficult to precisely define the number of new employees needed. Everything will depend on the activity of the tenant who will use the rented space. Ultimately, it will probably be several hundred people, although there is a chance that this number will increase to thousands. Industries that can count on employment in this place include, among others logisticians, warehouse workers, people from the production or trade sector.


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