Proglas boasts of major new client ahead of its equity crowd-funding

Proglas SA, a company specializing in the production of mirrors and flat glass mainly for the automotive industry, but also for the construction and furniture industries, received information from one of its key clients about the planned increase in the level of orders by 50% until 2025. Currently, the first tranche of the public offering of series D Proglas shares is underway, and on November 9 this year the company will start accepting subscriptions in the second tranche presented on the CrowdConnect platform, addressed to all investors.

“We already have information about increasing the level of orders by our clients for the next year. There is a high probability that 2022 may be one of the best years in our history in terms of revenues. In addition, we received information that the increase in orders will be long-term. It gives us certainty in operation and security in planning the further development of the Company. The coming years will be crucial in the development of Proglas. Acquiring capital for acquisitions will help to strengthen our position on the market, and increasing the level of orders by our clients proves a great trust in us as a supplier.” – says Robert Tkacz, President of the Management Board of Proglas SA.

Business of Proglas SA is based on orders from customers mainly from Germany. Additionally, thanks to the planned acquisitions, the Company will increase the number of its plants, and thus the product portfolio will be expanded. The effect of the scale of orders from sub-suppliers allows the company to achieve much higher margins than from direct producers.


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