Intel may invest 80 billion euro in Germany, not Poland, as dirty-energy bites hard

It was to be even the largest investment in the history of Poland. By the end of the year, Intel is to announce where new semiconductor factories will be built. Rather not in Poland – it follows from unofficial information from “Rzeczpospolita”.

The American Intel wants to build eight chip factories in Europe for EUR 80 billion. Poland was mentioned among the possible locations.

“We received about 70 location proposals, and three of them are in Poland. Prime Minister Morawiecki was a good seller, convincing me why I should consider Poland”, said Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger in an interview with Rzeczpospolita in September.

The Polish authorities did not comment on these reports. However, as the daily reported unofficially at the time, Lower Silesia had the best chance among Polish locations. Now it turns out that the factory will most likely not be built in Poland.

According to unofficial information from “Rzeczpospolita”, Poland presented locations that did not suit Intel. – It is mainly about access to energy, the energy mix also acted to the disadvantage of Poland, too little share of green sources – says the source of “Rzeczpospolita” and indicates that Germany will probably win.


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