The government wants to know company secrets. It will collect a huge amount of data

The government has already adopted a draft law providing for the creation of a bank of information on large companies and social organizations. According to “Rzeczpospolita”, it will affect 40,000. entities, including state-owned companies. According to the entrepreneurs themselves, collecting so much data is dangerous.

The bank or information base is to contain data on the economic situation of large companies. As “Rzeczpospolita” emphasizes, “in the act, which is to improve the handling of matters in offices via the Internet, a new obligation for statutory auditors has been hidden.”

How? After conducting a typical audit of the company, the collected data will be sent electronically to the aforementioned information bank, i.e. the Polish Audit Oversight Agency. All reports on the audited company from the last eight years are to be included there.

New regulations and trade secrets
Collecting a huge amount of information about enterprises in one repository poses a serious risk of hacker attacks from home and abroad. There will also be data on state-owned companies operating in sectors of strategic importance, including the energy and defense industries, says Rafał Dutkiewicz, president of the management board of Employers of Poland and former mayor of Wrocław, for Rzeczpospolita.
The Entrepreneurship Council also does not want to agree to such far-reaching control. She also has to take a stand on this matter.

Entrepreneurs themselves emphasize that this is too much interference, especially in the context of e.g. trade secrets. However, the Ministry of Digitization assures that it will be safe and there is no possibility of “unauthorized interference with the content of files and their loss”.

Reports will be available to the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau and the Prosecutor General. It is possible that the bill will be considered by the Sejm, which will start on July 11.


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