Zonifero startup taps crowdfunding to fund its growth

Zonifero is a startup belonging to the TenderHut Group, which has developed an innovative platform for managing a hybrid workplace. The president of the management board of Zonifero is Jacek Ratajczak. The application aims to support employees, employers and developers of office space in meeting the requirements of post-pandemic reality.

The startup operates in the dynamically developing market of technologies supporting employees in adapting to hybrid work. This is a response to the reality brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Zonifero serves clients from the real estate market, including SKANSKA; from the FMCG industry, incl. Żabka or representatives of the banking sector, such as Aion Bank. The Polish company has also carried out implementations on foreign markets – in France, Singapore and Hungary.

This year, the company has already received a number of prestigious awards, such as Outsourcing Stars in the Innovative Business Solution of 2021 category and the ESG Rising Stars title – awarded in cooperation with PwC and the editors of Business Insider Polska.

On October 26, the Zonifero campaign will start on the new crowdfunding platform StockAmbit. He intends to allocate the obtained financing to launching the application in the SaaS self-service model, improving Customer Experience and scaling the business in global markets.


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