46% of Poles pay for online shopping by BLIK

Poles choose BLIK as their favorite, preferred form of payment for online shopping. Its popularity increased to 35% in 2022 from 27% in 2021 (respondents could choose only one answer for this question). At the same time, the respondents' sympathy for fast electronic payments, payment cards and self-made transfers is declining, underlined.

“In this year's report, it is worth paying attention to one more payment option for purchases: deferred payments. The share of this method is higher by 3 percentage points. compared to last year (an increase from 5% to 8%) - although this slice of the pie still remains small - it is gaining support every year. This option is most often chosen by women and people in the middle age group, ”we read further.

“The convenience and speed of BLIK are a decisive advantage influencing the constantly growing popularity of the payment method we offer. [...] We have no doubts that in the coming quarters the popularity and trust in BLIK will gradually increase. We offer our users a complete solution that allows them not only to make payments in stationary and online stores, but also to deposit or withdraw cash, as well as to make instant transfers to the phone. And there are more novelties ahead of us that will realistically change the payments market in Poland and respond to the changing needs of customers, ”said Magdalena Kubisa, the director of business development in the Polish Payment Standard, BLIK operator.

The Blue Media report shows that the availability of many forms of payment is important for every fourth respondent (24%), and every second buyer has happened to resign from buying in an online store because he has not found a convenient option.

The study "Finances of Poles in post-pandemic times" was conducted in June 2022 on a representative nationwide sample of 1,059 people.

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