3S Data Center invests in new data centers

3S Data Center is starting construction of a new facility in Katowice. Additionally, 3S is in talks related to the acquisition of facilities in Warsaw, Gdańsk and Wrocław.

These investments are a consequence of the adopted development strategy, increased demand and the finalization of commercialization of the current facilities.

The investment in Katowice (DC3) is the construction of a modern detached facility of the Tier 3+ class, with an area of ​​2200 m2, which will join the existing complex of two 3S data centers (DC1 and DC2) at ul. Economic. Thus, the Katowice-Gospodarcza location will increase its area to 4,400 m2. The investment will be put into use in the first quarter of 2023. The following will be used here, among others the latest technologies in the field of air conditioning and guaranteed power supply, optimized for the highest possible energy efficiency. The project also envisages maximizing the use of green energy and technologies that reduce the carbon footprint.

Development of a data center cluster
The facility in Bytom at ul. Szymały (750m2), is entering the last phase of adaptation works and will be put into use at the turn of 2021 and 2022. It will be used for colocation of client IT environments based in particular on Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) solutions. At the same time, it is being prepared so as to constitute a base for Disaster Recovery solutions for systems located in the Katowice-Gospodarcza complex. This will help clients, among others to the geographic dispersion of active-passive environments that require distances of more than 10 kilometers between sites.

New locations
Gdańsk and Wrocław are completely new cities for 3S DC when it comes to data centers. The 3S Group has its own fiber optic network and provides telecommunications services, but it wants to significantly expand its business and satisfy the needs of customers also in the area of ​​IT infrastructure and cloud computing. Therefore, it is looking for facilities in these locations for the data center. The expansion plans also apply to Warsaw, where the company already has one facility at ul. Annopol and a fiber-optic network with a length of nearly 300 km.

May 2021 marks exactly 10 years since the opening of the first professional 3S Data Center. In 2011, a specially established company 3Services Factory launched its commercial data center with an area of ​​800 m2, in a converted building located at ul. Gospodarcza 12 in Katowice. In the following years, the company acquired new facilities: it built its own data center from scratch in the same location (2014), leased a server room from PNT Euro Centrum in Katowice (2016), acquired a server room in Krakow along with the purchase of Fibertech Networks Sp. z.o.o (2016), launched a data center in the Prologis technology park in Annopol, Warsaw (2017), and bought and adapted real estate in Bytom (2017). Currently, the company, which in 2015 changed its name to 3S Data Center, has six telecommunications-connected data centers located in 4 cities (3 facilities in Katowice, Warsaw, Kraków and Bytom).


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