34 carriages with food and drugs. The largest private humanitarian aid transport goes to Kharkiv

Rafał Brzoska and Omenaa Mensah sent 34 wagons, including nearly 1,000 pallets, half a thousand tons of food, medicine and other basic necessities to Kharkiv. It is the largest privately funded humanitarian aid transport for the civilian population.

The 34-car train left Poland on Thursday, and the convoy was kept in the strictest secrecy for safety reasons. Half a thousand tons of materials were shipped to Kharkiv, including food - canned goods, flour, rice, groats, milk; medicines, as well as sleeping bags and blankets. The purchase of the products was financed by Omena Mensah and Rafał Brzoska, president of InPost, and the transport was organized in cooperation with the Government Strategic Reserves Agency.

This is another initiative of the marriage and the Omenaa Foundation - in recent days the Convoy of Polish Hearts has reached Równe, among others, and a support and education center for mothers and children from Ukraine has been opened in Warsaw. It is the largest private convoy from Poland - 34 wagons, nearly 1,000 pallets, i.e. half a thousand tons with food products and dressings.

Omenaa Mensah: The time has come to give our visitors across the eastern border a fresh start. 

- We made the decision right away. We operate in two fields - on the one hand, we send transports, convoys with humanitarian aid to the most needy regions of Ukraine, to dangerous regions where little aid reaches - says Omenaa Mensah, president of the Omenaa Foundation. - Rafał's business is about delivering things where they are needed - and this is what is happening. We reach the east of Ukraine, to Rivne, to Kharkiv. Together with my Foundation, I am also organizing help with a view to the future - systemic, long-term. After all, there are almost three million Ukrainians in Poland today, mainly women and children. They received incredible support from Poles at the very beginning of the war - he points out.

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