3 startups from Poland among 15 European companies backed by Google for Startups accelerator

Google has completed recruitment for a new accelerator for European startups in the field of medicine and health. Fifteen most promising companies in this field were selected, including as many as 3 startups from Poland: BIOTTS, goodsleeper and MedApp. The program that is just beginning will be run by the team of the Warsaw Campus Google for Startups and will last until the end of the year.

As part of the program that is just beginning, Google selected 15 of the most promising European startups in this industry, including three Polish companies:

The first company, BIOTTS from Wrocław, develops proprietary technologies of drug delivery and drug formulas in the field of diabetology, oncology and dermatology. When joining the Google for Startups Accelerator program, the president of BIOTTS, Paweł Biernat, admitted that he will focus on developing leadership skills, with the intention of “Introducing effective management methods for fast-growing young organizations, such as ours, where it is difficult to follow procedures in in terms of the number of projects and the number of new people ”.

Goodsleeper is a startup from Lublin that offers digital self-help in the treatment of chronic insomnia, based on scientifically proven and drug-free methods. The application was developed by sleep medicine experts: Małgorzata Fornal-Pawłowska, MD, PhD and Michał Skalski, MD, PhD.

The last, Krakow-based company, MedApp, develops technologies supporting new-generation imaging diagnostics and digital medicine. Krzysztof Mędrala, president of MedApp, hopes that the mentoring from Google will help “scale the business to other countries and optimize the development process, which includes all activities related to the company’s launch, such as marketing and communication.”


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