2Riders is developing a groundbreaking bike tow truck, a start-up at the end of a crowdfunding issue

After the success of the crowdfunding issue of Prosta Spółka Akcyjna, 2Riders is launching a supplementary issue of 800 shares as part of the C series. The company hopes to raise PLN 400,000. PLN to refine the final version of the product. Only a dozen or so thousand zlotys remained to achieve the goal of the issue.

- The 2Riders tug is an example of a relatively simple but necessary product that improves the everyday life of families with children and solves the problems associated with longer bicycle trips. The innovation and uniqueness of the solution has been confirmed by patents in the European Union and the United States - emphasizes Marek Kukuryka, President of the Management Board of 2Riders PSA.

The simplicity of the product is generally associated with a limited investment attractiveness due to the inevitability of cost competition from, for example, producers from the Far East. This assumption is not true of patented solutions - distributors in leading markets will not be able to sell competing solutions as well as they are not allowed to sell stolen products.

The December issue of shares of the start-up 2Riders (series B) was the first successful crowdfunding issue in the country in the PSA formula.

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