26 companies have submitted their testing solutions to the Sandbox Blockchain

Sandbox Blockchain is a free test environment, based on the hyperledger fabric technology, launched in November 2020 – and created by the cooperation of KIR, PKO Bank Polski, IBM, Chmura Krajowej, KNF, Fintech Poland Foundation and the KIR Foundation for Cyberium Digitization.

“The task of the Sandbox project is to stimulate innovation, which is why we want as many companies as possible to test new solutions, regardless of their size or country of origin. We believe that blockchain has enormous potential that can find practical application in any sector of the economy. (…) “- said Michał Wetoszka, director of the Initiative and Project Office at KIR, quoted in the announcement.

“By working with young companies on a daily basis, we can see the obstacles they have to face before launching a new service on the market. (…) Importantly, our sandbox also offers access to regulatory consultations, thanks to which the tested services can be developed in accordance with legal requirements and reach the market faster, ”said Grzegorz Pawlicki, director of the Innovation Office of PKO Bank Polski.


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