2,000 new jobs – a new wave of service centers is approaching

New business service centers planned to be established in Poland by companies such as Dyson, Zimmer Biomet or Leo Pharma can create over 2,000 jobs. jobs.

It was full of investments in business service centers. Dyson, the British producer of, among others vacuum cleaners, has open recruitment for several dozen positions, including finance and HR specialists, in the service center that is currently under construction in Krakow, which will ultimately have 300 employees. An American manufacturer of medical equipment, which may enter Poland, wants to employ the same. AT&T plans to employ over 700 people in the operations center in Katowice

200 people may be recruited by Zimmer Biomet, a NYSE-listed manufacturer of surgical equipment. Leo Pharma, a large pharmaceutical company, is considering opening a service center in Tricity, which will employ up to 300 people. The center of a company from the FMCG sector may appear in Warsaw or Łódź and employ 300 people. Only these six companies can create over 2 thousand. jobs. And the list goes on.


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