27 Winners at 11th annual CEE Business Services Summit & Awards

PepsiCo has opened a snack factory near Środa Śląska worth over PLN 1 billion

Novaturas raised its EBITDA forecast to EUR 4-6 million, net profit to EUR 2-4 million in 2023

Elektrotim expects 2023 to be much better than the previous one

Play and Exatel signed an agreement on solutions for business and the public sector

IFS will launch Presales Hub in Poland for European and US markets

Boryszew has a contract for the supply of components for e-cars for approx. EUR 280 million in 2025-2034

Grupa Azoty companies increase production in response to changes in gas prices and expected demand

Pekabex wants to be in the Top-5 in Europe and have over 30% share of sales on foreign markets

Comarch’s platform will launch on June 29 with several million offers

OSGE has an agreement with the Łukasiewicz Research Network on personnel for the nuclear energy sector


27 Winners at 11th annual CEE Business Services Summit & Awards

The Data4 Group launches the first data center in Poland

ESA has chosen the Creotech offer for detectors in the technology of superconducting nanowires

Bioceltix can start clinical trials of the product curing AZS in dogs

Medicalgorithmics has a letter of intent regarding the use of AI for the diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmias

Polimery Police will start commercial operations in the second half of 2023

The AB Group wants to develop at least at the pace of the IT distribution market

Comarch has an order book 7% higher y/y, and is working on large international contracts

Ipopema TFI and Crido offer private wealth management and succession planning services

Answear expects a positive impact from PRM and Sneakerstudio on results from 2024

Allegro announces the impact of the price increase on Q3 results in the amount of tens of bps

VRG counts on an increase in revenue, operating and net result in 2023

Resi Capital has secured EUR 43 million in funding from Regera Sarl of the Fidera Group

Kongsberg Maritime Poland is developing an R&D center in Szczecin thanks to a grant from the Ministry of Tourism and Tourism

BLIK has finalized the acquisition of the VIAMO platform after the approval of the National Bank of Slovakia

MCI wants to invest approx. EUR 100 million in ClimaTech, first acquisitions in 2024

Cloud Technologies has a strategy for 2023-2025, will invest up to PLN 100 million in development

ZUE Group had an order backlog worth PLN 1,660 million at the end of March, will add PLN 785 million

Medicalgorithmics is CE certified for PocketECG IV for sale within and outside the EU

We will achieve the goal of 10% ARPU growth in 2023 thanks to increases in April and May

Neuca believes that it has strong foundations to improve its results in y/y terms in 2023