Yellow Boson will develop a strategy by the end of the year to target 20 GWh of capacity by 2025

Yellow Boson wants to develop a new strategy by the end of the year in which it will introduce new products, including charging stations for electric vehicles, carports with PV shelters, wind farms and energy storage, the company said. One of the main goals of the strategy being developed is to achieve a production capacity of 20 GWh by Yellow Boson by 2025. The group is also planning expansion to other European markets.

“The implementation of our new operating strategy, on which we are currently working intensively, is to ensure dynamic growth for us in the next few years. We want to develop in Poland, but also in several European countries in the field of innovative renewable energy sources, especially in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Spain. We definitely want to expand our product portfolio with, among others, energy storage, charging stations for electric vehicles, but we also plan to build wind farms and photovoltaic farms. We also want to take over small local hydropower plants, ”said President Dawid Puton.

Yellow Boson operates as a holding company and capital group. The company was listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange New Connect as a result of the acquisition and merger with the company Instytut Szkoleń i Analiz Gospodarczych, and has been listed under the new name since January 2022.

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