Wrocław scientists have made cheese from hemp

Scientists from the Wrocław University of Economics produce cheese from hemp. It is not only a protein-rich alternative to traditional cottage cheese, but also a business that uses plants that we have in abundance in Poland.

The authors of the idea emphasize that the processing potential of industrial hemp is enormous, but it is still not used in the food industry.

“We thought we would create something that cannot be bought in stores. Products that are a substitute for dairy products, but also will not limit any customer group, i.e. they will be lactose-free, hypoallergenic and will be a product made of plants that are grown in Poland” – explains Tomasz Rusak, CEO of Biotreco.

The taste of hemp curd differs from that of the traditional, it can be used in various ways.

“There can be a lot of these applications, it will not only be produced in such a traditional variant, but also in various flavors, its taste is very delicate, I would say slightly nutty, slightly reminiscent of sunflower seeds. However, at your discretion, you can do what you think with it, in a sweet form for pancakes or a salty form for Russian dumplings, it is perfect as a sandwich product, but it is used in the same way as traditional cottage cheese” – says Dr. Mirosława Teleszko.

Cottage cheese will soon be available in health food stores in Wrocław, and this is just the beginning. Two more hemp products have already been developed at the University of Economics: a sweet snack and drinking yoghurt, and there are plans for further ideas.


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