Wielton buys Spanish company Guillén Desarrollos Industriales for 4.6 million euros

Wielton has signed an agreement to acquire 80% of shares in Guillén Desarrollos Industriales, based in Spain, for around 4.6 million euros, the company said.

The acquired company has all the resources to ensure the continuation of its operations, including technology park, contracts, licenses, patents, trademarks and sufficient human resources. The agreement provides for the transaction in two stages: the current acquisition of 80% of the shares for a price calculated on the basis of 5.6 x Guillén’s EBITDA for 2021 (i.e. approx. EUR 4.6 million, with the final value being known after auditing the annual results companies) and the option to purchase the remaining 20% ​​of the earn-out shares in 2026 for a price calculated on the basis of 6.5 x Guillén’s EBITDA for 2025, explained in the release.

Thanks to the acquisition, the Wielton Group is expanding its operations to another important market – Spain – with a potential of approx. 14,000 units per year, and also gaining access to the Portuguese market of approx. 2,500 units per year, noted.

The goal of the Wielton Group is to increase the production volume of Guillén to over 1,600 units in 2025 and therefore sales revenues to the level of approx. EUR 38 million, and to expand the product range with the Wielton Group products.

“Spain is a large and interesting market that we have been watching for a long time and thoroughly analyzed. By taking over the well-automated and robotic plant of Guillén with spare production capacity, we open up the possibility of rapid growth on the Spanish and Portuguese markets. We gain an additional production and assembly platform, located in the vicinity of important markets – southern France and northern Africa. This acquisition is fully in line with the ongoing and planned development path of the Wielton Group. I am sure that Guillén under the Wielton Group will be able to fully use its development potential, ”said President Paweł Szataniak.


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