Japanese-owned Wedel teases with takeover rumours

Lotte Wedel intends to build a new factory in our country in the future or take over another company operating on the confectionery market – says Maciej Herman, Managing Director of Lotte Wedel. What about the historic plant in Warsaw’s Praga district? – We don’t have a move out plan – assures Herman. Next year, a new production hall will be built next to the current factory, but not only that.

The new building, which will include, among others a production hall is being built on a plot next to the current headquarters of the company. – There will be a new line for the production of chocolate bars, a new line for the production of Ptasie Mleczko, as well as a new line for masses – says Maciej Herman.

The facility will not only be of a productive nature. Herman announces that the company is also preparing a surprise for all Poles, but does not disclose any details. The investment is to cost PLN 200 million and will ensure that Wedel’s production capacity will be sufficient until 2026.

What’s next? – There are two options. Building a second factory from scratch or taking over another company – says Herman. – It can be a company operating in Poland, as well as outside Poland, in Central and Eastern Europe. It is a question of purchasing a producer who has an interesting portfolio complementary to ours and the construction of further production lines for us – he adds. However, this is a question of the future, so far no work is underway.


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