Vivid Games wants to select a list of games to be developed in the second quarter

Vivid Games is working on a “big own title” and publishing projects, and plans to finish testing prototypes in Q2 and select titles for further development, announced Piotr Gamracy, board member. The company is working not only on its current portfolio, but also on its own major title and publishing projects, the release said. “We are at the stage of finalizing the concept of our own game and prototyping the main gameplay loop. In the second quarter, we plan to finish testing prototypes and focus on development. We also have some promising titles in the various stages of the publishing program’s evaluation.

In the second quarter, we will announce which of them we will develop, ”said Gamracy, quoted in the press release. Vivid Games also verifies the impact of the war in Ukraine on the company’s situation. “The last two weeks and the outbreak of the war beyond our eastern border have cost us all a lot of stress. Our employees have put a lot of effort and resources to help in various ways. As an employer, we have also taken the necessary steps to provide all employees who need it. We have also facilitated the recruitment of female and male candidates from Ukraine. We are constantly considering scenarios for expressing additional support for Ukraine, ”indicated the member of the management board.

Vivid Games has been operating on the gaming market since 2006. The company produces games for smartphones and portable consoles. So far, the most important title in the company’s achievements is the global hit “Real Boxing”. Vivid Games made its debut on the WSE main market in 2016, transferring quotations from NewConnect.


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