Veolia Energia Warszawa connected 131 MW to the heating network in 2021

Veolia Energia Warszawa has signed contracts for connection to the district heating network for a thermal capacity of 131 MW in 2021, the company said.
“Thanks to the implementation of innovative solutions, the reduction in heat energy demand was 123,400 GJ, and CO2 emissions were also reduced by 14.5 thousand. tonnes per year “.

“Limiting heat losses on transmission, i.e. the amount of heat that ‘escapes’ to the environment, is one of the most important challenges for system heat distributors. That is why we are pleased with such a good result, which is the result of the solutions we implement and the constant modernization of the network. Over the last 10 years, Veolia Energia Warszawa has invested a total of over PLN 1.3 billion in the development and modernization of the Warsaw heating network, ”said president Paweł Orlof.

As a result of the measures taken, a reduction in heat losses is expected, equivalent to the annual heating of over 10,000 apartments with an area of ​​50 m2, as well as a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and harmful substances in Warsaw.

Veolia Energia Warszawa is responsible for approx. 80% of the demand for heat in the capital of 1.42 million inhabitants. The Warsaw heating network, managed by Veolia Energia Warszawa, currently amounts to 1,870 km and is the largest in the European Union and the fourth longest in the world.

Veolia Polska is the largest private group operating on the municipal market and an important player in the heating and energy sectors. The company uses approx. 1.8 million tons of hard coal annually in its installations. Veolia Polska generates heat, energy and supplies heat to end users in 41 poviat cities, in total the company is present in approx. 100 Polish locations.


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