uPatienta announces record seed round of 21 million pln with new “home blood testing”

Leading Polish VCs, foreign investors and over PLN 21 million – uP Patient’s smart lab announces the closure of the seed round. The funds will help facilitate access to blood tests and COVID tests in Europe and strengthen technological advantage in the international arena. The idea of ​​the platform, thanks to which Poles can take care of their health by performing regular blood tests at home and at work, attracted foreign investors.

The leader is Inovo Venture Partners, who also led Booksy’s first round. Financing also comes from Innovation Nest and foreign YZR funds, as well as the 10X Founders group of investors who are behind the investments, including in Revolut and Tier. The round was also supported by private investors related, with Uber, Pracuj.pl, Softbank, Packhelp.

The funds will be allocated to strengthening the technological advantage and expansion in Europe as well as consolidating the position of the leader in home testing in Poland. uP Patienta is a platform created by Dominik Swadźba and Konrad Kargol, which connects patients and medical specialists, making it possible to order home blood tests. The patient selects the tests he or she is interested in, sets the date, time and address, and the specialist who will perform the collection. The system reminds you about the date of the visit, and the test results available online can be consulted with a specialist. The offer includes over 700 laboratory tests, including COVID-19 tests. Currently, the patient is the first choice for a growing number of Poles.

In 2021 alone, nearly half a million blood tests were ordered through the platform. This is over 2 times more than in the previous year and as much as 11 times more than 2 years ago.

“Product-Market Fit in Poland is just the beginning. We strive to ensure that every person in the world can benefit from preventive examinations while sitting in their own armchair. We believe that this will allow people to get tested more often, which will translate into earlier detection of serious diseases. Our mission is to extend life, which is why we have created a system that makes health monitoring as easy as ordering pizza at home, ”emphasizes Dominik Swadźba, CEO of uPatient.

The uPatient’s success potential on the European market is determined, among others, by popularization of the convenience trend, growing popularity of telemedicine services and limited access to health care in connection with the pandemic. At the same time, there are still no solutions similar to the uPatient. An international team that has worked so far, among others, will be responsible for the company’s further dynamic growth.

The leading position on the domestic market is additionally strengthened by numerous partnerships, incl. with the giant of the market – the network of Diagnostyka laboratories, thanks to which platform users have at their disposal over 1,200 stationary collection points in Poland. uPatient is also present on the B2B services market. In 2021, she surveyed employees in over 700 companies, cooperating with PGE, Wedel, Cargotec or Bridgestone. “The founders of the a future unicorn must be like good surfers who can use it when the right wave comes. Dominik and Konrad proved it by increasing the company’s revenues 10 times and the number of tests performed during the year, when the demand for their services grew due to the pandemic. In the following months, they also generated growth, showing that it was not only a temporary use of an opportunity, but the ability to build a very interesting value proposition for customers. According to our analyzes, this model has great potential to repeat the success of Poland in many other markets. In the seed founders round, they gathered a complementary group of investors from around the world, thanks to which the company has all the competences needed to build at least a European leader”, says Michał Rokosz, Partner, Inovo Venture Partners.

In Poland, where the value of the laboratory diagnostics market is estimated at nearly PLN 7 billion *, public collection points account for as much as 61%. In order to perform the tests, a referral and a personal visit are still necessary. ___________________________________________________________________________________ * PMR report, “Laboratory diagnostic services market in Poland 2020. Market analysis and development prospects”. A leader in the field of home testing in Poland and the first smart lab platform in Europe, which allows you to order blood tests with travel to your home and office. It connects patients with medical specialists, eliminating barriers to accessing health care and facilitating regular blood tests. It offers a wide range of laboratory tests and tests for COVID-19, as well as online consultation of results. One of the few companies that test for COVID-19 in their businesses. To learn more, follow us at https://www.facebook.com/upacjenta or visit www.upacjenta.pl

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