Unimot expands to 80 Avia stations by August

From the beginning of August, 72 facilities will operate under the Avia brand within the Unimot Group, and at the end of the summer holidays there will be 80.

Unimot plans to launch six more Avia filling stations by the end of July, including two of its own, the company said. Drivers can now refuel at Avia stations in Słubice, Zielona Góra, Wólka Jagielczyńska, Piaskowice and Radomsko, and soon also in Pieniężno.

“Our overriding goal is to consistently expand the reach of the Avia petrol station network. I am glad that in the summer, when the traffic on long journeys is increased, we open new facilities and reach a growing group of drivers with our offer. At the end of the summer holidays, we want 80 stations to operate under the Avia brand, ”said Robert Nowek, managing director of the Avia chain in Poland and Ukraine.

Each of the six newly opened stations is well-equipped and adapted to service most types of vehicles. It offers drivers several refueling stations with a choice of popular fuels, including premium Avia Diesel Gold.


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