Large shareholders of Ten Square Games sell 5% of shares

Ten Square Games shareholders – Maciej Popowicz and Arkadiusz Pernal – announced the commencement of the accelerated bookbuilding (ABB) process in order to sell approx. 365,088 shares of the company, constituting approx. 5% of the capital and entitling to the same number of votes at the general meeting, the company said. ABB is expected to begin after the notification is submitted by shareholders.
Maciej Popowicz offers for sale approx. 243,382 shares (approx. 3.33% share in the capital), and Arkadiusz Pernal – approx. 121,706 shares (approx. 1.66%).

The consortium placing the shares sold includes Dom Maklerski Banku Handlowego and Citigroup Global Markets Europe AG as global coordinators.

“The intention of the shareholders is to remain investors in the company and, together with other members of the company’s shareholders’ agreement concluded on October 29, 2019 and amended on July 9, 2020, to further strategically support the company in its dynamic development,” reads the release.

After the completion of ABB and assuming the sale of the number of shares sold as indicated above, Maciej Popowicz will hold the company’s shares representing approx. 18.78% of the total number of shares and votes in the company, and Arkadiusz Pernal will hold the company’s shares representing approx. 9.39% of the total number of shares and votes in the company.

“In connection with ABB, the shareholders undertook to comply with the restriction on the transferability of the remaining ABB shares in the company for a period of 180 days from the date of settlement of the sale of shares sold under ABB,” we read further.


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