WP Media Group buys 3MW solar farm for PLN 12.4 million

Wirtualna Polska Media (WPM) – a subsidiary of Wirtualna Polska Holding – has signed agreements with two natural persons for the purchase of shares in a special purpose vehicle owning a photovoltaic farm located in Lower Silesia with a total capacity of 3 MW occupying over 5 ha, the company said.

“Pursuant to the agreement, WPM will acquire 200 shares in SPV’s share capital, representing in total 100% of votes at the SPV shareholders’ meeting. (…) The total value of the transaction, including the payment of the sale price and the repayment of the amounts due from the above-mentioned loan agreements will amount to approximately PLN 12.4 million.(…)”reads the release.

Investing in renewable energy is an important part of the “WP Naturally” project. In April, Wirtualna Polska launched a test photovoltaic farm on the roof of the server room.

“Our production of electricity from coal is damaging the environment to a degree unheard of in other European countries. We encourage everyone to invest in green energy in Poland, because these investments bring much greater effects for the planet than in other European countries, summed up the CEO of the WP Group, Jacek Świderski.

Wirtualna Polska Group is the owner of one of the two most popular horizontal web portals in Poland – Wirtualna Polska. It also runs the o2 horizontal portal and numerous specialized vertical portals, including, in particular, business portals – Money.pl and Biztok.


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