The war in Ukraine. Żabka helps too

The grocery store chain shows solidarity with the Ukrainian community and is committed to helping.

We fully express our solidarity with the Ukrainian community. Many Ukrainian citizens are our employees, franchisees or their associates, so we immediately declared our readiness to provide the necessary assistance. We undertake activities aimed at providing support to people who have been personally affected by these events - says Żabka's position.

As indicated by the chain of stores, the company engaged in direct support of the institution and activities undertaken with partners. Żabka informs that it has already taken the following steps.

• In cooperation with the Podkarpackie Voivodship Office, today, to the point in Korczowa, it will provide over 30 tons of food, hygiene products and water for 34 thousand. people. On the night of 02/27/2022. it also provided additional transport of 10,000 to the border crossings Hrebenne-Rawa Ruska and Dołhobyczów-Uhryniw. sandwiches, water and snacks organized in cooperation with the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce.

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