Netto takes over Tesco stores

As previously announced by the company, all Tesco stores were closed on the last day of October. This does not mean, however, that the premises will be empty. What can we find in the place of former stores?

As TVN24 reminds, the network announced the final exit from Warsaw at the beginning of the month. The stores were to remain open until October 31 at the latest.

President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection in March this year approved the takeover of Tesco Polska by Salling Group – the owner of Netto stores. The network is now transforming around 250 acquired branches.
Last week, it was announced that Hugo Mesquita will take the position of CEO of Netto from the beginning of 2022. Previously, he was the operational director of the Biedronka chain.

Janusz Stroka, president of Netto Polska, said that “by consolidating both retail chains on the developing market, we are taking a significant step in implementing the strategy of our entire group, becoming one of the leading players in one of the largest markets in Europe”.


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