“Cosmos Cotton Helmet” does not get wet when worn

No more terribly wet, uncomfortable masks that irritate the skin. A company from Poland has developed a cotton visor that is to be worn comfortably for up to several hours. The owner of the Cosmos brand sets himself an important task – he wants to make Poles stick to the sanitary regime. We decided to check how it works.

“Although everyone points out that the masks are not comfortable, despite the prolonged pandemic, the companies did not take up the challenge and did not create new models” – points out Andrzej Sukiennik, creator of the Cosmos cotton helmet. – We wear the same irritating masks all the time, which you feel like breaking off after a while because they get unpleasantly wet. No wonder people don’t want to wear them, and it’s a serious social problem.
The Cosmos brand, a manufacturer of women’s clothing, which has been on the Polish market for 36 years, has decided to deal with this problem.

Design works lasted … a week. The first model, called the “Cosmos Profile Sports Mask”, was equipped with certified fabrics – good quality heavyweight cotton – and an antibacterial non-woven fabric with silver ions.

“The structure has been designed in such a way that it can be dried out by air blowing. Thanks to this, it did not stiffen in the cold. The air itself escaped to three sides of the world: upwards and towards the ears. For this it was comfortable to wear, I used, among others non-pressure tape so that the ears do not hurt and that it can be worn for at least an hour” – explains Mr. Andrzej.

The latest design, called “Cosmos Cotton Helmet”, has a closed air outlet at the nose and released at the chin. As a result, it is not harmful to the respiratory tract. In addition, the helmet, when properly worn, gives about 1 cm of free space from the skin.
Both the product itself and its trade name are registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office and protected by law. The cotton helmet is also to meet all standards for non-medical masks. – In this case, the safety requirements – which are not obligatory anyway – apply to the use of certified products, which are of course applied by us, Mr. Andrzej assures.


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