Polish startup lands 7 million pln to extend the freshness of fruit and vegetables

Startup Fresh Inset has closed a financing round of PLN 7 million from investors. The company’s technology will allow you to extend the freshness of vegetables and fruits.

Fresh Inset technology is based on the substance 1-MCP. It is used to keep fruits and vegetables fresh. Vidre + will introduce special stickers that will allow you to release substances gradually with a delay. There will be no need to keep the fruit cold. A simple sticker will allow consumers to enjoy fresh products for longer.

“I am glad that our technology has met with so much market interest because it can have a huge impact on reducing food waste. Our technology is of interest to the largest international concerns from the agrochemical industry, especially post-harvest, FMCG and material science.” – dr Andrzej Wolan, CEO of Fresh Inset, Vice-Dean for Student Affairs and Teaching at the Faculty of Chemistry at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń.

The company obtained its first funds a few years ago in the pre-seed round. They totaled a million dollars. Now that sum is greater. Montis Capital fund co-financed the startup for the amount of USD 7 million.


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