Vet biotech company with medicines for dogs and horses lists on New Connect

It is estimated that approx. 20 percent of dogs suffer from degenerative joint changes, and about 15 percent suffer from atopic dermatitis. Autoimmune diseases among dogs and cats are more and more common, and their owners expect more and more effective and safer therapies. This, in turn, entails the development of the veterinary biotechnology market. Large corporations and investors have already noticed its potential. The Wrocław-based Bioceltix, which this week – as the first biotechnology company with a veterinary profile – made its debut on New Connect, is gaining a strong position on this market. In a few years, the company wants to be the owner and manufacturer of several innovative products used in the treatment of the most common diseases in animals.

Bioceltix develops innovative drugs for animals based on its own proprietary ALLO-BCLX technology, using mesenchymal stem cells. It is a method that allows the administration of stem cells from a small number of healthy donors to a large number of patients in an allogeneic model (i.e. between different individuals of the same species).

“We are a biotechnology company in the veterinary industry that develops biological drugs based on stem cells for the treatment of common inflammatory and autoimmune diseases in companion animals. Currently, we focus mainly on dogs and horses” – explains Łukasz Bzdzion, President of the Management Board of Bioceltix.

A few days ago, the company from Wrocław signed an agreement with a leading international CRO (Clinical Research Organization) company for the comprehensive implementation of a clinical trial for a candidate for a drug used in the treatment of degenerative joint lesions in dogs. On November 8, Bioceltix – as the first veterinary biotechnology company – debuted on NewConnect. The initial capitalization of the company was set at approx. PLN 67 million, its key shareholders currently include Infini ASI (15.2% of shares) and Kvarko Group ASI (14.3%).


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