The main shareholder and CEO sold some shares in Drago Entertainment

Lucjan Mikociak, the main shareholder of Drago Entertainment, announced that it sold 39.5 thousand shares in block trades on October 7 and 8. shares, representing 3.63 percent capital.

Three contracts were concluded with legal entities.

On October 7, the sale price was PLN 73.7. On October 8, the sale price was PLN 77.5. On October 7, 27 thousand more shares (2.48%). These assets were sold by CEO Joanna Tynor.

Lucjan Mikociak had 27.7 percent of shares before the transactions company shares. Currently, it is 24.03 percent.

Significant shareholders are also Joanna Tynor (14.7%), Movie Games (14.7%) and Anna Rutkowska (11.4%).


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