Gov’t appeals to EU over high energy costs

The draft law being prepared by the government provides for compensation for those who bear the costs of selling gas at tariff prices, government spokesman Piotr Müller informed on Wednesday. He added that the government appealed to the head of the EPP, Donald Tusk, for help in reforming the emissions trading system.
As Müller said about the project at a press conference, according to the current regulations, all housing communities may apply tariffs approved by the Energy Regulatory Office for households, but the draft law will include “some kind of automation” of this mechanism.

“There will also be a refinancing mechanism, which will compensate companies that bear the costs of applying tariff prices,” added the government spokesman. As he noted, “we would like this law to be adopted at the next session of the Seym”. He did not rule out that the government’s proposals would appear in the Sejm in the form of a deputy’s bill.

Müller also stated that one of the reasons for high energy prices is the energy blackmail of Russia, which would like to open the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. He pointed to the cost of CO2 emission allowances as the second important component of high prices in Poland.

The government spokesman said that Poland demanded “a decisive reform of the emissions trading system” and submitted such a request to the European Commission. He added that the government prepared a letter to the chairman of the European People’s Party, Donald Tusk, asking for his support as the EPP “has an important role to play in reforming the system that translates into prices on consumer accounts.”


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