Invento invests PLN 1 million in online event platform

The Invento Capital investment fund will allocate one million zlotys to support a new platform for organizing online and hybrid events Gridaly. Thanks to these funds, the creators of the platform will conduct research on the involvement of participants during events and create tools that will increase it.

The year 2022 began for Gridala with great success. A Polish startup that created a platform for organizing online and hybrid events managed to obtain financial support for research and development from the Invento Capital investment fund. – There is a great need to organize virtual events that will not disappear after the pandemic – argues Invento Capital partner Sven Zagała, and as examples of their advantage over stationary events, he indicates reduction of costs related to logistics, greater availability (e.g. due to disability or place of residence) or getting to know your participants better thanks to advanced analytical tools.

Virtual events are also an opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses that do not have large budgets, so they often cannot appear with their offer at stationary events, not to mention their organization. – In the case of online events, the entry threshold is much lower and achievable for smaller entrepreneurs. Online events are the future – it sums up.

The support of Invento Capital in the amount of one million zlotys means that Gridaly is going to spend on research on the involvement of participants in online events on the platform, and then on creating tools that will allow the organizers to increase it. – Market observations conducted by Gridaly show that the greatest challenge of online events is to maintain the high involvement of participants for whom participation in a virtual event is sometimes less exciting than in a stationary one. Hence the idea to give them something unique that they would not be able to experience offline, and which at the same time will translate into a significant increase in their involvement “- comments Sven Zagała.


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