Sołowow aims to bring GE Hitachi small nuclear power plant to Poland

The Canadian energy company Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has decided what kind of small SMR (Small Modular Reactors) it will install at the Darlington nuclear power plant. After analyzing the technology of several companies, he chose a GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy reactor called BWRX-300. In Poland, these reactors are planned to be built by Synthos Green Energy, owned by Polish billionaire Michał Sołowow, together with partners.

OPG has confirmed its plans to ultimately build four BWRX-300 reactors. The first is to be built in Darlington, where a nuclear power plant is already operating. The first reactor is scheduled to start operating in 2028. At the end of next year, the company wants to apply for a building permit. Preparatory work at the power plant will start in spring 2022.

The OPG investment will be the first project in the world concerning the commercial use of the BWRX-300 reactor. GE Hitachi relies heavily on the implementation of this investment, as discussed by the company’s boss in an interview with Business Insider in September this year.

“We would like the first reactor to go live in Canada. We are on the short list of OPG partners and if we were selected to implement this project, our first SMR would start producing energy in 2028” – said Jay Wileman, president of GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy. He also noted that the plans for the expansion of a small reactor are extensive. “We are also interested in the development in the USA and Europe, where we cooperate with the Polish company Synthos Green Energy. We are constantly looking for new directions of expansion” – he said.


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