Techland’s stock exchange debut uncertain. Meanwhile, interest in Dying Light 2 months after its release is less than Cyberpunk 2077

Dying Light 2, the largest Polish game of 2022, debuted on the market a month ago. How is the Techland title doing a few weeks after the premiere?

In February, players received a lot of news from the AAA segment itself. Dying Light 2 made its debut as the first big title last month, which was one of the most anticipated according to the Global Top Wishlist Steam. The second part of the production released in 2015 was created for several years and offered players a much larger world than the "one". The premiere of the game from Techland was repeatedly compared to the debut of Cyberpunk, of course, no one wanted the next Polish production to duplicate the mistakes of Night City.

“It should be rationally assumed that a company of the size of Techland will carry out a" dual track "procedure together with its advisers, i.e. it will also check the interest of industry investors and go public to compare the most advantageous options for the owner. It seems to me that after the very successful debut of Dying Light 2 and the madness on the M&A market in the gaming sector in recent weeks, the scenario of the company's debut on the WSE is moving away, ”Paweł Sugalski told the Investors Zone. “The company should not have any problems with the interest of the largest industry entities in a block of its shares, and being a public company is associated with important information obligations. Taking into account this factor, the sale of a minority stake to a selected passive investor could be a favorable scenario for the company. The Asian giant, Tencent, which has been very active in recent months, seems to be the favorite here, ”he continues.

“If there were to be an entry to the stock exchange, the Inpost IPO showed that in the case of large companies, the best solution in Europe is the Amsterdam stock exchange, not the WSE. According to unconfirmed information from investment bankers (mergermarket portal), the company's value was estimated a few months ago at EUR 2 billion - it seems to me that this is a reasonable estimate and Techland could easily be valued at PLN 9-10 billion, i.e. roughly half of the stock exchange valuation CD Projekt in recent months, ”says Sugalski.

Therefore, when it comes to a possible IPO, you probably need to cool down your emotions. Finally, in the face of the ongoing war, it is worth mentioning that the company from Wrocław was one of the first to help Ukraine. Last weekend, Techland announced the transfer of PLN 1 million to the Polish Humanitarian Agency, which will provide money to the most needy.


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