Tauron and Microsoft in smart city deal in Wrocław

Tauron Polska Energia and Microsoft have entered into a strategic partnership aimed at cooperation in the field of energy and digital transformation. One of the key areas of the agreement is joint action in the area of ​​Smart City in Wrocław, Tauron said.

As part of the Smart City project, Tauron, with the support of Microsoft technology, will provide Wrocław residents with services that will affect energy savings, improve traffic, increase safety and protect the environment. Residents will have access to useful information on air quality, free parking spaces and traffic, underlined.

“In the Smart City area, together with Microsoft, we are building our offer of services for cities. In Wrocław, we will test the implementation of services useful in everyday life, thanks to which, among others, it will be easier and safer to move around the city, ”said Krzysztof Surma, vice president of the management board for finances of Tauron.

The infrastructure and data at the disposal of Tauron open access to areas that have a real impact on the environment and the quality of life of residents. Smart City is a complex technological, social and infrastructural mechanism that must cope with the changing reality. The solution is technologies that allow the analysis of a lot of data and, consequently, the implementation of projects that increase the level of functioning of cities, explained.


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