Tauron connected over 127 thousand. micro-installations and 89 other RES in 2021

Tauron Polska Energia connected over 127 thousand to its power grid. micro-installations with a total capacity of 955.303 MW in 2021, the company said. 89 renewable energy sources (RES) other than micro-installations with a total capacity of 123.959 MW were also connected.

“In total, in 2021, we connected 127,334 micro-installations to our network. We currently have 300,000 prosumers. Such a huge number of working and generating energy production micro-sources cannot be indifferent to the operation of the network, which was designed and built as a network with one-way flows. Meanwhile, the growing number of dispersed energy sources causes two-way energy flows, which affects the management and operation of the network and generates costs related to its adaptation to connecting other unstable energy sources, ”said Jerzy Topolski, vice president of Taurona, quoted in the release.

In 2021, Tauron Dystrybucja also connected 89 renewable energy sources, other than micro-installations, with a total capacity of 123.959 MW to its grid. The vast majority of this number, 79, are solar farms. Their power is 66,455 MW.

Tauron Polska Energia is a holding company in the capital group that deals with coal mining, production, distribution and sale of electricity and heat. The Tauron Group covers 18% of the country's territory and is the largest energy distributor in Poland and one of the largest economic entities in the country. The group includes, among others Tauron Wydobycie, Tauron Wytwarzanie, Tauron Ekoenergia, Tauron Ciepło, Tauron Dystrybucja, Tauron Sprzedaż and Tauron Customer Service.

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