Spanish firm SEINSA opens major new auto-parts logistics centre in Poland

The auto parts industry is looking for companies in Europe which can manufacture and distribute, offering total guarantee and quality but not dependent on the Chinese market. SEINSA Corporation, based in Navarra – North of Spain– and with manufacturing plants both in Spain and India, controls the whole cycle of product manufacturing, from raw materials to the distribution, and it has multiplied its exports in America and Europe. In order to guarantee supply chain agility and the fastest possible service, the company opens in Poland the biggest supply and storage centre in the auto parts industry.

The Spanish group, SEINSA Corporation, opens in 2022 a brand-new warehouse based in Poland for product distribution in central Europe. This new storage centre adds value and commercial opportunities for the two manufacturing plants that the company has in Navarra (Spain) and in Chennai (India): “It’s a total revolution for the supply of auto parts”, explains Mikel Azcárate, head of the Spanish firm founded fifty years ago in Navarra.

Spanish industry holds fourth place in the European ranking of auto parts manufacturers, and SEINSA Corporation is already a world reference with its efficient and fully automated production plants. The company exports 98% of its products to 85 brands in 85 countries. The industry sector asks for “an innovative product, made locally, reaching the client in the fastest possible time, but maintaining the quality standards”, explains Mikel Azcárate.

The opening of this new logistics centre in Poland entails a competitive advantage and allows SEINSA to become the fastest supplier as the servicing time gets shortened: from an average 7 days wait to a 24h-48h product delivery. Shortening delivery time means there’s an increase in the business volume and in sales, but it also means that the clients improve their profitability, so “we all win”.


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