Shoper’s Inbank provides installment plan

Shoper, thanks to a partnership with fintech Inbank made over 25,000 jobs available. online stores working on this software, an installment application. Thanks to it, payments with purchases can be spread to max. 48 months.

“At Shoper, we focus on the continuous development of online store sales software, including a number of solutions that support the financing of purchases. The Inbank application is an innovative installment solution in Polish e-commerce and is already available to sellers in the Shoper application store. Merchants can easily run it and integrate with their store. The application allows you to divide the payment into convenient installments, thus the consumer gains access to comfortable and safe financing, and the merchant receives a tool that increases sales, while maintaining what is most important – convenience, security and certainty of quick settlement “- said head of financial services in Shoper Łukasz Piechowiak.

By enabling the Inbank installment application in the Shoper store, its owner allows his customers to finance purchases up to 50,000 PLN, with a flexible repayment period. Payment can be spread up to 48 months.


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