Robert Lewandowski terminated the contract with Huawei. The media reports that the Chinese company supports Russia

Daily Mail reported that the Chinese telecommunications giant helps Russia survive cyber attacks on Russian sites resulting from the invasion of Ukraine. This is indicated by a report that disappeared from the Internet shortly after its publication by the media in China. Huawei firmly denies providing assistance. However, Robert Lewandowski, who is the face of the concern, decided to terminate the marketing agreement with her, valued at around EUR 5 million.

"According to reports from China, the technology giant, which has several offices in the UK, is helping Vladimir Putin in his efforts to stabilize the Russian Internet network after it was attacked by hackers from around the world," the Daily Mail reported. Speech incl. about the attacks by the Anonymous group.

According to the daily, Huawei has five research centers in Russia. "One of the reports, which appeared on the Chinese news site but was later removed, said the Chinese giant would use them to train 50,000 technical experts," the Daily Mail reported.

Huawei refutes the allegations. He informed on Twitter that the publication of the British daily about the company was "fake news". And the information it contains is false.

The case of Huawei's assistance to Russia went to the House of Commons. `` I am deeply concerned that a company that the UK government has identified as a national security risk to the extent that it has not allowed its hardware to be used in the new UK 5G system is still in the UK, '' said Iain Duncan-Smith, Member of the Party Conservative.

The footballer of Bayern Munich signed a new contract with Huawei, worth approx. EUR 5 million, at the beginning of this year. Robert Lewandowski was to be associated with the Chinese concern for three years.

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