Restaurants in Poland deny entry To unvaccinated amid COVID surge

The sudden third wave of COVID has led to countries across the world re-impose restrictions with curfews and partial lockdowns. While many governments are taking stringent actions to curb down social activities, the government of Poland have been receiving flak for their lenient policy against the spread of Coronavirus. So, the restaurants of the country came together and took the matters in their hands to handle the situation in their own way. They have come out with their own rule of denying entry to unvaccinated people in their restaurants.

The restaurant and hospitality industry took a huge blow during the multiple periods of lockdown in the wake of Coronavirus scare. Not deterring their spirits, and ready to bear the brunt of the possible losses, the restaurants of Poland took out the policy, knowing well it may impact their business because of reduced footfall. As per the new policy, which is not mandated by the government, all visiting customers need to show vaccination certificates before being allowed to eat in restaurants.

According to the Reuters report, Warsaw restaurateur Marcin Wojtasik, who runs a Japanese eatery ‘Yatta Ramen’, says he is willing to face bad reviews from anti-vaxxers to help protect his staff. “It was a very unpopular decision, there were some very strong reactions. But not for our usual customers. They’ve taken it very well,” he added.


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