Red Carpet Media Group wants to enter NewConnect as soon as possible

Red Carpet Media Group wants to debut on NewConnect "as soon as possible", perhaps at the beginning of the second quarter of this year, the company said.

"The broadcaster of film and pop culture television programs Red Carpet TV and Red Top TV will launch the VOD Red Go platform. The company also wants to start as the first one to debut on NewConnect, maybe in the second quarter of this year. To this end, on March 11, 2022, the company submitted an introduction on the Warsaw Stock Exchange for the introduction of all series and series B shares to trading in the ATS, we read in the communication.

"The company's strategy assuming the parallel development of free film-serial-pop-culture television available both in the broadcast and streaming model on its own and other national IPTV platforms, supplemented by building and developing its own VOD platform, fits in the global trend of TV-film content consumption, which has recently dominated the television media space. This strategy is confirmed by the accelerated development and coverage of global streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Disney +, HBO Max, Sky Showcase and others "- commented president Laura Nowakowska, quoted in the press release.

Red Carpet Media also announced that Dr. Ludwik Sobolewski has recently joined the company's supervisory board, who currently sits on many supervisory boards of entities in the area of ​​new technologies, and in the past was the president of the stock exchange in Warsaw and Bucharest.

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